How do we print?

Our printers are masters of every method.  We tailor to our client's preference and needs.  We specialize in fashion quality apparel, using a soft feel water based ink but we do vinyl, plastisol, sublimation and more.

What t-shirts do we print on?

That depends on the client's preference and needs.  We stock a range of t-shirts but will get anything our clientele requests. We can have any t-shirt from a distributor in one business day.

How long does a quote take?

No more than 24 hours.  We like to research and put together a gambit of options so our client can choose a plan that suits them exactly.

Do we have discounts?

We are a premium company so while we are fair in that our clients get what they pay for. We are not a discount shop.  We charge what it will take to deliver the best overall experience.

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Do we require a deposit?

In most cases a 40% deposit is required. However,  on extremely small jobs and for local customers sometimes less is negotiated.

What is our turn-around time?

On most products it is approx 4-10 working days.  There are some exceptions though.  Use the Contact Us page to get a better idea from us.  We can answer that nearly immediately.